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OBD2 16-pin Pigtail Cable


This is a well-made 16-pin pigtail cable to interface your CANable or any other device with your car’s OBD2 port. The cable is approximately 30cm long (1ft; excluding the connector) and the connector is made of a durable molded rubber. Wire color codes are included below.

Disclaimer: You can permanently damage your car if you use this cable incorrectly! Be careful.

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Before use, make sure you cut off and/or insulate each individual pigtail wire that you do not intend to use! If you do not do this, you could easily short any number of pins together, causing permanent damage to your vehicle.

Even when snipping off unused wires, be sure that there aren’t any exposed strands that could short to any other cutoff wire or metal object in the area.


  • Pin 1 [red]
  • Pin 2 [white]
  • Pin 3 [orange]
  • Pin 4 [blue] – CAN Ground
  • Pin 5 [green] – Signal Ground
  • Pin 6 [yellow] – CAN High
  • Pin 7 [brown] – KLINE
  • Pin 8 [purple]
  • Pin 9 [red, black line]
  • Pin 10 [white, black line]
  • Pin 11 [orange, black line]
  • Pin 12 [blue, black line]
  • Pin 13 [green, black line]
  • Pin 14 [yellow, black line] – CAN Low
  • Pin 15 [brown, black line]
  • Pin 16 [purple, black line] – 12V

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in

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