CANable Pro: Isolated USB to CAN Adapter


The CANable Pro is a fully isolated open-hardware CAN to USB adapter manufactured in the USA.


  • Supports CAN2.0A and B, baud rates up to 1M
  • Full galvanic isolation
  • Breakaway mounting points
  • Additional ESD/transient protection on CAN and USB interfaces
  • Native Linux support and driverless Windows support
  • Supports legacy serial line CAN with alternate firmware
  • 3-pin screw terminal with CANH, CANL, and GND
  • Button for entering the bootloader
  • Jumper to enable/disable termination

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What is it?

The CANable Pro is a fully isolated open-hardware CAN to USB adapter manufactured in the USA.

Stock will be available in late November!

The CANable Pro ships with the candlelight firmware that enumerates as a native CAN device in Linux and a generic USB device in Windows. The CANable Pro can be easily re-flashed with firmware to show up as a serial-line CAN firmware if desired.

On Linux the CANable Pro shows up as a native CAN device with socketcan–no slcand required! Performance is much higher than the serial-line firmware as slcand is bypassed entirely. With Linux and socketcan you can use all of the standard can-utils command-line utilities and even Wireshark to interact with the bus.

On Linux you can also use the canard library to directly talk to the CAN bus from Python. With only a couple lines of code you can decode traffic on the bus, send messages, and more.

On Windows and Linux the CANable Pro works with cangaroo, no drivers required. Cangaroo provides time and aggregate trace capability, as well as raw and repeated raw TX. Beta DBC file parsing is implemented, and is currently under development.

Check out the getting started page for more information on getting a CANable up and running.

Credits and Disclaimer

The CANable Pro is a variant of CANable, which in turn is a hardware clone of Eric Evenchick‘s CANtact project. Eric also developed cantact-app, canard, and most of the other awesome tools that work with the CANable and CANtact devices.

The CANable Pro is a low-cost open-source hardware tool. While I have full confidence that the CANable will meet your needs, please do not use the CANable in any mission-critical or life-threatening situations. I claim no responsibility for unacceptable use or damages. However, if you encounter a hardware or software issue with CANable, please let me know and I will do my best to resolve the problem as soon as I can!