COVID-19 Update - International Shipping

COVID-19 Updates

This page will be updated with any operational limitations due to COVID19. Last update: 30 Apr 2020

International Shipping

International shipping via USPS is currently disabled. USPS international is extremely slow and service to many countries is suspended entirely due to COVID19.

UPS international shipping is still available for most countries . However, rates may not calculate to your destination country if service is suspended.

If service to your country becomes unavailable between when you place the order and when the order is shipped, your full order value including shipping fees will be refunded.

Domestic Shipping

Domestic shipping is unaffected at this time.

Stock Availability

Stock is available and production is continuing on schedule.

New Store

CANables are now available from the new Openlight labs store--the new official distributor of CANable hardware.

No, I want to browse the archived Protofusion store